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    Paste the tile quickly hit the law

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     When renovating a new home, most people do not know how common the tile is, because it is a very technical living, but understanding of whether it is now or future decoration are helpful, then Xiaobian To introduce the paste method of tile quick ash method and paste the ceramic tile to pay attention to the details, the following together to have a look!
    Paste the tile quickly hit the law
     1. paste the tile quick ash method The first step is to mix the clay, cement mortar water-cement ratio is 1: 3.5, stir with a mixer, stir well and other 5-10 kinds of aging, and then use before mixing, can be enhanced Sexual intensity.
     2. Tiling tiles need to be used trowel, trowel mortar smear on the base surface, evenly distributed, showing the dentate. In the smear each time as long as smear to a square meter is good, otherwise easy to dry solid is not easy to paste.
     3. When the tile on the wall, the tile should also touch the back of the glue, some tiles need to be wetted, to be wet after the spread in the painted well.
     4. Before paving, but also for the positioning of the tiles, so that when the paving can be kept neat, if not posted within 20 minutes can be adjusted, but also improve work efficiency.
     5. Paving the tile will be the first inspection, check the tile surface is flat and aligned, and there is no debris, if there are debris to be handled clean.
     6 for the filling of the ceramic tile, caulking before the need to wait until dry after the clay in the cement and caulk need to use new materials, so the effect of decoration was better. Wait for capping 15 minutes before the tile adhesive cleaning.
     Tile to pay attention to what the details
     1. To paste the pipe exposed before the package standpipe, otherwise it will affect the appearance, and when the water will make a sound, it must be exposed to the water pipe stand pipe, and then posted ceramic tile.
     2. Tiles are heavy, the wall can not be directly attached to the insulation wall, so there insulation wall, wall treatment to be clean before they can be attached to the tile.
     3. Bathroom wall tiles must be well waterproof, but also the use of strong water absorption of the tiles, so that it will not fall tile situation.
     4. Decoration is now very much like the entire face wall tiles, so when the tile is recommended to cut everything is best three, that is, a 800 * 800 brick cut into three equal parts.
     5. The kitchen is very very pipe, such as natural gas pipelines, it is recommended that the deputy pipe of natural gas pipe be changed to the director behind the paste, so paste ceramic tiles more beautiful.
     6. There are sub-tile affixed to the order, we must paste the wall and then paste the ground, the first posted in the house and then paste the door, and finally wait for the tiles to dry before use.

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