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    How to decorate the design of the boss's office

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     The company's boss, two offices have two lookout windows.
     Roller shutters are a necessity for the boss's work area and also leave a private space for them.
     Decorative and resource area
     At the end of the corridor is a small library, which provides fast readership with seating.
     In the plastic exhibition and plastic design before the fiber screen and glass panels, this can have exposure to the museum's feeling.
     The drawing office is 's' shaped to provide the maximum amount of work and activity.
     Gradual changes in storage angle, resulting in a sense of space rhythm.
     In this work, we intend to use the range of equipment provided by USM to design offices for interior and exterior companies.
     The main import
     Arrange the project manager's work area near the entrance because supervisors here need to be frequent.
     Their assistants also serve as guests.
     The arc under the table meter guests feel at home, to be the guest room next to the workbench.
     Giants writing company slogans unleashed steam in the corridor, making the project manager's studio prominent in the hallway.
     material selection
     A range of cupboards in the model design and decorating set out in vibrant colors to contrast with the wooden black desktop.
     The designer's desk kept white, which allowed 36 people working here to work comfortably and have a light, empty feel.
     The boss's studio equipment uses black and wood color.
     Conference area
     Use the same glass panels and exhibition windows to produce the same art gallery effect in the conference area.
     A series of storage cabinets are placed outside the conference area to reduce the sound interference.
     Accounting and archives area
     The accounting desk and filing cabinets are rounded together with a distance from the walls on both sides to reduce the sense of space squeeze and at the same time contribute to the sense of rhythm in the corridors.

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