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  • Speaking of books, naturally think of the library In this invisible world, books give us an unprecedented sense of security, while arousing the thirst for knowledge...[More]
  • When renovating a new home, most people do not know how common the tile is, because it is a very technical living, but understanding of whether it is now or future decoration are helpful, then Xiaobian To introduce the paste method of tile quick ash method and paste the ceramic tile...[More]
  • Although young people are now own notebooks, but the use of notebooks to play games is not much pleasure, so many young people are still preferring to play games are more like Internet cafes...[More]
  • Now the interior design profession is very hot, "tooling " and "home improvement " have become the people s high frequency vocabulary...[More]
  • The company s boss, two offices have two lookout windows Roller shutters are a necessity for the boss s work area and also leave a private space for them ...[More]
  • The emergence of social diversity makes the hotel industry has a lot of room for development, in the past few years Inn has become the darling of the hotel industry received the majority of passengers ...[More]
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    Budget quotation for decoration 65755 element
  • Material cost : 45201
  • Labor cost : 13133
  • Design fee : 3665
  • Quality testing fee : 3756
  • *Statement: and beautiful decoration for you to provide professional, transparent, accurate decoration quotation, the service will never produce any costs, your privacy will be strictly confidential!