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  • For white home decoration, home improvement is a very troublesome thing, not only to determine the home improvement style, calculate the budget, but also know the order of home improvement...[More]
  • For newly recruited novice For renovation confused, I do not know where to start, in fact, the process of decoration is very tedious, a lot of detail needs attention...[More]
  • In the decoration of the house, in addition to measuring the area, housing reform, hydropower transformation, pipeline optimization, but also a good budget, so as not to waste So...[More]
  • Walking in the streets, we see the most is a variety of restaurants, and they are luxurious or decorated, the atmosphere, or decoration low-key, simple...[More]
  • Today, soaring house prices, to buy a second-hand house renovation can save a lot of money, there are many homeowners in order to improve the quality of life, choose to transform the old house...[More]
  • Owners of first-time buyers often confused decoration where to start, if you do not have knowledge of new home renovation process...[More]
  • 1, paving colored glazed tiles: Handling the grassroots → bomb line → wet tile tiling → paving cement mortar → install standard blocks → paving the floor tiles...[More]
  • Many people buy the house, in the face of the first renovation of the house puzzled, today introduced to you all the renovation process, so that after you finish reading it ...[More]
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  • Decoration calculatorToday, there are already4652positionThe owner obtained the budget for the decoration

    Budget quotation for decoration 65755 element
  • Material cost : 45201
  • Labor cost : 13133
  • Design fee : 3665
  • Quality testing fee : 3756
  • *Statement: and beautiful decoration for you to provide professional, transparent, accurate decoration quotation, the service will never produce any costs, your privacy will be strictly confidential!