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    What is a commercial housing

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     Commercial housing mainly refers to the investment by the real estate development company to build for profit for the purpose of operating in accordance with the laws of the market housing. It is different from the local governments to solve housing difficulties, the implementation of "housing project" and the construction of the "housing", "shelter", "shelves", starting from the end of 1998 to build affordable housing is also a special commodity housing.
    From the sales perspective, real estate sales are divided into existing homes and period room pre-sale; from the sales target, sub-domestic sales of commercial housing, commercial housing exports; from the use of view, sub-ordinary residential, apartments, villas.
     3. The difference between domestic sales and export sales
     Domestic sales of real estate refers to the construction of real estate development enterprises to domestic units and individuals to sell commercial housing. Export commodity housing refers to the real estate development and management of enterprises to the construction of overseas personnel (foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) sales of commercial housing.
     Domestic sales of commercial housing can be sold to individuals and units, including central units and individuals, as well as approved the establishment of offices and liaison offices; export commercial housing can be sold to foreign enterprises, other organizations and individuals, but to the domestic (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan excluded Private sale, subject to the approval of the people's government.
     4. The structure of commercial housing in several forms
     The structure of commercial housing is mainly based on the structure of its load-bearing materials used to divide. Generally can be divided into the following three forms:
     (1) brick and concrete structure housing;
     (2) brick-wood residential buildings;
     (3) Reinforced concrete structure residential.
     5. Brick and concrete structure residential
     Brick and concrete structure refers to the vertical load-bearing structure in the building walls, columns and other brick or block masonry, columns, beams, floors, housing and truss, etc. using reinforced concrete structures. Popular speaking, brick and concrete structure is a small part of the reinforced concrete and most of the brick wall load-bearing structure.
     The "brick" in a brick-concrete structure refers to a uniform-sized building material, as well as other shaped clay bricks, such as hollow bricks. "Mixing" refers to the reinforced concrete ingredients made of steel, cement, gravel and water according to a certain proportion, including floors, beams, stairs, balconies and eaves. These accessories combined with the load-bearing walls made of bricks can be referred to as brick-concrete houses. Due to earthquake resistance requirements, brick-concrete houses are generally on the 5th and 6th floors.
     6. Brick and wood structure housing
     Brick-wood residential refers to the structure of the load-bearing structures in the walls, columns using brick masonry or brick masonry, floor structure, roof truss structure together into a house.
     7. Reinforced concrete structure of the house
     Reinforced concrete structure housing refers to the main load-bearing structures such as columns, beams, slabs, stairs, roofs made of reinforced concrete, walls filled with bricks or other materials. This kind of structure to engage in seismic performance, integrity, engage in corrosion, fire resistance, durable, and more for high-rise residential. Concrete and sub-frame, frame scissor wall structure.
     8. Residential form of construction
     According to "Residential Design Code", the height and layer of civil buildings are divided into: 1 to 3 for the low-rise residential; 4 to 6 for the multi-storey residential; 7 to 10 for the high-rise residential (also known as small high-rise Residential); 11 to 30 for the high-rise residential; 30 (not including 30) above the high-rise residential.
     9, duplex housing
     Duplex residential generally refers to each residential building in the higher floor to add a mezzanine, the total floor height of the two layers is much lower than the mezzanine residential (duplex 3.3 meters, and the general jump layer is 5.6 meters), its The lower floor for living, such as cooking, eating, bathing, etc .; the upper for rest and sleep with storage.

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