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    You do not know but very useful essential real estate knowledge

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     Real estate is immovable property, as an integral part of the land, so the property is affected by the natural characteristics of the land:
     1, immoveability: also known as the location of fixed, that is, a fixed location.
     2, individual: also known as uniqueness, heterogeneity, unique, including the location differences, the degree of utilization differences, rights differences.
     3, Durability: also known as long life, the land is not due to the use or place of loss, destruction, and added value. General residential land use rights for 70 years.
     4, a limited number of: also known as limited supply, fixed land total fixed, economic supply flexibility.
     After expiration of the land use right, the owner of the house may propose the extension of the term of the land use right and make up the land transfer fee, which should be lower than the price of the land transfer fee of the same kind, similar to the difference between the cost price and the market price. As for the deadline for reapplication, it should not exceed 30 years; while the ownership of housing (ie, property rights) is permanent and has no time limit, so long as the property can be enjoyed without being completely destroyed.
     The basic parameters of the property, the main properties of the property on the structure of the house, building methods and so on.
     Duplex: different from the thermocline, inspired by the thermocline, economic thermocline structure (up and down not the same high
     Split floor: indoor floor slab height is not the same, staggered out of a staircase connection, but not divided into two layers, suitable for large-scale residential
     Depth: the distance (length) of a building (house) from the front wall to the rear wall
     Room: The width of the house, the length of the wall covering one side of the house to the wall of the other (3m ~ 3.9m is more comfortable
     Floor height: The height of the first floor of a house refers to the height of the lower floor to the upper floor
     Static height: the height of a floor and roof in a house
     Huxing: According to the composition of the family population and the state provisions of the living area quotas determined by each household.

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