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    The difference between the upper and lower levels is quite different

    Time:2018-01-22 16:37:46  Browse: once  big in Small
     First, the characteristics of small high-rise
     In general, small high-rise room type, the building coefficient close to multi-layer, large spacing, real high-area, good ventilation, lighting conditions are superior.
     It can be more balcony, multi-terrace design, so that the effective use of residential area greatly increased.
     Small high-rise also has a good room, real high-area features, but also the high structural strength, high durability, landscape coefficient, low pollution, etc., are very buyers like it.
     1, the advantages of small high-level:
     ①Small high-rise residential buildings can play the advantages of multi-storey residential layout, such as the north and south directions, but also have more advantages in lighting and ventilation. Air quality and landscape quality are generally better than multi-storey.
     ② The construction cost of small high-rise residential buildings is more limited than that of multi-storey residential buildings, without adding too much purchasing burden.
     ③ At present, small high-rise residential buildings generally adopt the pattern of one ladder and two households and avoid the problems of poor housing orientation toward some houses in high-rise buildings.
     2, shortcomings of small high-rise:
     ①, vision is not enough open.
     ②, the noise is relatively larger.
     ③, only a few district elevator, if the elevator maintenance, it will bring trouble.
     ④, the construction quality is slightly worse than the high-rise.
     Second, the high-level features:
     Under normal circumstances, the high-rise building with steel and reinforced concrete as the construction material, the use of frame structure, shear wall structure, cylinder structure and even the tube in the form of cylinder structure to ensure the overall structural strength of the building.
     It is another major feature of vertical transport, due to the small single-story high-rise buildings, but a large number of layers, so a large vertical traffic, the general use of elevators as the main passenger carrying tools, high-rise buildings will group the elevator, A similar rail transit scheduling system of computer scheduling.
     1, high-level advantages:
     ①, vision is more open.
     ②, less noise.
     ③, elevator no less than 2
     ④, the construction quality is better (more resistant to UV, heat, cold, etc.).
     2, the shortcomings of the top:
     ①, population density.
     ②, the real area is low.
     ③, if a fire, escape much more trouble.
     The above is about small high-level, high-level content, as the final choice of what form of construction depends on the needs of buyers and preferences.

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