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  • The house is an indispensable necessity in our life Buying a house is also a major event in life, especially for those who buy a house for the first time For the first time people buy a house, what needs to be done before buying a house to do the following Xiaobian to introduce The company is located in...[More]
  • For many people, the house is the largest consumer in life, so be careful when buying a home Especially for novice home buyers, due to lack of experience is very easy to fall into the trap of buying...[More]
  • Deed tax: 90 ordinary and below ordinary housing, and the housing belongs to the family s only housing, minus the deed tax levied at the rate of 1%...[More]
  • Commercial housing mainly refers to the investment by the real estate development company to build for profit for the purpose of operating in accordance with the laws of the market housing...[More]
  • 1, immoveability: also known as the location of fixed, that is, a fixed location 2, individual: also known as uniqueness, heterogeneity, unique, including the location differences...[More]
  • First, the characteristics of small high-rise In general, small high-rise room type, the building coefficient close to multi-layer, large spacing...[More]
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    Budget quotation for decoration 65755 element
  • Material cost : 45201
  • Labor cost : 13133
  • Design fee : 3665
  • Quality testing fee : 3756
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