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    Small apartment study decoration skills

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     With the improvement of the level of modernization, the study has also become a place where many people study and work. So, for the small-sized people, what needs attention in the study decoration? Today, Xiao Bian take everyone to take a look at the small apartment study decoration decoration skills.
     Light color decoration
     Small-sized study decoration, the wall is best to light-based, so you can avoid the feeling of depression in the space. Owners can choose according to their own preferences light blue, light beige, light green, etc., this will make a small space appear clean, soft and elegant.
     The whole bookcase
     In the layout, small-sized study can use the overall bookcase desk, this will make the space appear compact and save a lot of room space. Desk and bookcase with a simple black and white color, will look clean and tidy.
     Anti-noise decoration
     Small-sized den in noise prevention should pay more attention than the large study, mainly in the walls, floors, windows and doors and ceilings should pay attention. Floor suitable for the choice of wooden floor, with the carpet, both in the decorative effect above, anti-noise effect will be better; in the wall is the use of sound-absorbing wallpaper, sheet; ceiling plasterboard ceiling can be made when coupled with a layer Benzene board to the best sound insulation.
     Simple and bright
     Small-sized study to keep bright and spacious, the design layout should be simple and tidy, do not place too many unnecessary things, desk chairs, etc. should not be placed in the middle of the house, so as not to appear crowded.
     Everyone can combine life with art. A dead wood, a stone, or a piece of pig iron can all be revived after rusting and painting. The person who gives it the soul is not necessarily the so-called creator of the arts, but the person whose heart and soul have been colored to life and space.

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