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    How to use lamps to enhance the fortune Different space lamps with different shapes

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     1, living room lamp shape Feng Shui:
     1) Square light Feng Shui:
     Living room should use square lamps, "square" represents the integrity, prudence. People can say the best square impression, and from the visual point of view, square gives the impression is also very good.
     How to use lighting to enhance fortune
     2) round light Feng Shui:
     ① Feng Shui in the "round place" said that if the living room is the selection of circular lamps, it is in line with the so-called "round place."
     ② round in the five elements is metallic, so "golden" auspicious also.
     ③ the number of 6,8,10,12,16 is better, can recruit people.
     3) living room lighting layout:
     ① living room and the entrance is Feng Yang in the water, so the living room lights need to be high enough bright enough, you can make the light spread throughout the living room.
     ② If the living room light more circumstances, you should try to use the same elements of lighting, living room to maintain the overall style of the same.
     ③ If the living room area is relatively large, you can use the light to carry out a reasonable area.
     Different lamp shape selection
     2, bedroom suitable for round lamps:
     1) Whether the main bedroom or the second bedroom, the bedroom's main lighting must use round lamps, "round" represents the perfect.
     ① If the bedroom square lamp used, it will affect the owner's feelings or marriage.
     ② If the bedroom irregular shape of the lamps used, such as: triangular, trapezoidal and other shapes, it will affect the owners' emotions, wealth, health.
     2) The bedroom with round light, if it is composed of many small bulbs, you need to always check the light bulb, if there is not light bulbs, it should be promptly replaced, so as not to affect the owners' emotions, wealth, health and other fortunes.
     3, study using spotlights:
     1) more suitable study of lamps are: spotlights, table lamps. Some irregular lamps, such as: triangular, trapezoidal lamp shape, in fact, does not necessarily affect the cause of learning.
     2) study lamps and lanterns, of course, choose to do or with the owners of the numerology, and then decide the shape of the lamp, so as not to affect the fortunes of the family.
     4, restaurant lighting options:
     1) Now relatively popular restaurant lamps, is hanging in the table at the top of several circular lights, high and low patchwork, attention should be hung directly above the table.
     2) If the circular light hanging in the restaurant is biased towards the side above the table, then the owners should pay attention to it, mainly to see if it suits the owners' numerology.
     5, other space lighting options:
     Other spaces in the home lighting shape, such as: bathroom, corridor. Can be used at present more popular lamp, or flat without too many patterns of lamps, or round, or square can also choose to consider.

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