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    Home improvement design color should pay attention to harmonious color should be life

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     1, do not decorate the restaurant with blue
     Blue, is a kind of reverie color. The traditional blue often becomes the embodiment of tropical design of modern decorative design. Blue also has the role of regulating nerves, calm and soothe the nerves. Blue fresh and elegant, with a variety of fruits is also very seductive, but should not be used in restaurants or kitchens, blue table or placemats on food, always better than watching warm appetite; at the same time not in the restaurant built incandescent Or blue mood lamp, scientific experiments show that the blue light will make the food look unattractive. But as a bathroom decoration but can enhance the sense of mystery and privacy.
     2, black and white ratio
     Black and white with a very modern room, is the first choice for some fashion people. But if the use of black and white in the room than the use of too fancy, for a long time in this environment, will be dazzling, nervous, irritable, people at a loss. It is best to white-based, partially decorated with other colors, the space becomes bright and comfortable, at the same time both taste and taste.
     3, purple will give room for depression
     Purple, gives the impression that seems to be quiet, fragile and slender, always gives unlimited romantic association, the pursuit of fashion most admired purple. However, a large area of ​​purple will make the overall darker color space, resulting in depression. Proposed not to be placed in the living room or children's room need joyous atmosphere, it will make those who are in a feeling of helplessness. If you really like, you can in the bedroom as a decorative bright spot, such as a corner of the bedroom, bathroom curtains and other small places.
     4, pink will bring irritability
     Pink, heavy use easy to make people feel irritable. Some wedding couples in order to adjust the atmosphere of the new home, like to create a romantic pink. However, heavy pink will make people always in a state of excitement. After a period of time, the mood of those who live in them will have strange fireworks, easy to mix mouth, causing irritability. Furniture fans recommend pink as a decorative ornament appears indoor decoration, or the concentration of color diluted, light pink walls or wallpaper can make the room into a warm.
     5, red can not be a long time as the main color space
     Chinese people think red is a auspicious color, since ancient times, the wedding of the newlyweds are full of bright red. Red also has a passion, unrestrained meaning, full of burning power. But too much red room will make the eyes overburdened, resulting in a dizzy feeling, even if the wedding, you can not make the room for a long time under the red keynote. It is recommended to choose red in soft decoration, such as curtains, bed linen, bags, etc., with a touch of beige or fresh white with refreshing people, but also highlight the red festive atmosphere.
     6, golden sparkling, showing a bold and assertive personality
     In the simple white lining, the visual will be very clean, but the color of gold is one of the most easy to reflect the light of the bling environment is most harmful to people's eyes, easy to make people nerves nervous, easy to relax.  It is recommended to avoid using a single gold-colored room for a large area, as a decorative color for wallpaper and soft curtains. Use golden mosaic with cool white or stainless steel on the bathroom wall. Furniture Tips, in order to make room environment more affinity, may wish to put some green potted plants in the corner, so that the room full of fun.

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