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    Kitchen decoration color choice and mix

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     Fast-paced era more and more people are pursuing minimalist life, as well as home improvement. Kitchen as a very important part of family life, decoration is also a key project of the people planning. For the kitchen color selection and collocation some people still exist puzzled and doubt, furniture fans today and everyone together to talk about kitchen color choices and collocation of those things.
     Wood color
     Like nature, but also hope to highlight the grade, long-term use will not appear visual fatigue, wood color should be the most suitable color. Wood texture and tone, giving a simple, elegant and noble feeling, whether it is young or middle-aged and elderly people will like it.
     Wood color
     If the space allows, then put a pot of green plants, wood color and green plants integration, adding harmony and beauty of space, highlighting the original natural flavor.
     Black and white are classic colors never outdated, white-based cabinets always give a clean, simple feel, ideal for neat and quiet lover. Not only that, white with almost any color, no matter what your decoration style, no matter what color the kitchen appliances, almost all can match the white.
     If you choose the white marble countertops, you can choose the corresponding gray woody cabinets to achieve a harmonious transition, but also easy to clean up but also weakened the heavy texture of gray.
     If you are a person full of personality and love life, at the same time like a warm bright color of some people, then red must be your best choice. Bright red, passionate, unrestrained, not only gives a happy feeling, but also stimulate appetite. Not only that, red is also a good choice for newly married couples and young people who are about to marry.
     White and blue
     Blue, especially suitable for European-style Mediterranean decoration family, this color cabinets bright, clear, pure, especially the faint blue cabinets, reminiscent of the ocean taste, mysterious, quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, sank heart To quietly enjoy the delicious. Blue also gives people a sense of visual openness, and is also a good option for families with smaller kitchen areas.

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