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    Semi-circular balcony decoration method

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     There is a balcony at home is a very good place to relax, where a sofa, lying on top of the tea and friends chatting is also a good choice, but some balconies due to irregular decoration need to spend some effort Well, then followed by Xiaobian to understand the decoration method of the semi-circular balcony and precautions bar.
     Today, everyone's attention to the living room is getting higher and higher. Although it is only a small balcony, it also takes a lot of thought to dress up. There are many types of balconies, but there are always some difficulties in decorating them. For example, Semi-circular balcony Xiaobian today finishing some semi-circular balcony decoration methods and precautions, let us understand together.
     Semi-circular balcony decoration method
     1, storage cabinet
     This semi-circular balcony decoration is still very common, mainly reflected in the family with children, for safety, but also to ensure that the family environment is not contaminated, this time you can choose a balconies customized cabinets, This can bring more storage space for the living room, and placed some small plants on the table is necessary, so that not only decorative, but also fresh environment.
     2, leisure area
     Making a balcony a recreation area is something many owners will choose, it will make your home look more stylish, make an arc of decoration based on the characteristics of your own balcony, complement each other, put a table here , For us to eat or drink afternoon tea, opened the curtains to see the landscape outside the window, is not very practical?
     3, small garden design
     Such methods are also more common, many people like flowers, it will create the region into a casual sky garden, with metal fence fence, giving a great sense of security, this environment is not able to  Let you linger forget it?
     Semi-circular balcony decoration considerations
     1, decoration Do not remove the balcony "with counterweight wall"
     There is usually a wall between the living room and the balcony, and the part below the window can not be changed absolutely during decoration. This low wall called "counterweight wall", plays a role in supporting the balcony, if the wall is removed, it will seriously affect the safety of the balcony, or even cause the balcony collapsed.
     2, pay attention to the balcony load-bearing capacity is limited
     Most residential balconies are not designed for load-bearing purposes and usually weigh less than 400 kg per square meter, so be aware of their load-bearing capacity when decorating your balcony.  Do not use too heavy decoration materials, such as marble and so on. At the same time do not put too much decoration materials stacked on the balcony, otherwise easily lead to overloaded balconies, the risk of collapse. In deciding to raise or thicken the balcony, you can only choose lightweight materials, do not allow the use of clay bricks or concrete bricks. This is not too much choice on the ground floor balcony and marble is the same reason, each balcony has its own carrying capacity, once exceeded, the future is prone to safety problems.
     3, balcony decoration needs windproof
     Common balcony on all sides volley, a few faces have been subject to the wind, its force is much larger than ordinary windows. Balcony decoration, if you want to package or add other appendages, you need to be aware of the number of local wind series, the rugged degree of decoration to meet the local wind requirements. In the typhoon area, in the balcony installation of large additional buildings, the structure should be directly welded with the balcony column reinforcement directly.
     4, balcony guardrail to meet the requirements
     For safety, open balcony decks need to be fitted with guardrail or fence. Balcony fence height should not be less than 1.05 meters. High-rise, high-rise residential fence should not be less than 1.1 meters high. Than the bay window rails 0.9 meters higher. In addition, if it is a family with children, it is recommended to increase the height of the fence. At the same time balustrade railings should be designed to prevent children from climbing the structure, the railing of the vertical spacing between bars should not exceed 0.11m.

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