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  • Decoration color choice is very important, for different people have different color preferences, and different colors can produce different decorative effects...[More]
  • There are many people there is a misunderstanding that the curtains with a very simple, just pick your favorite colors and patterns can be, but the most correct choice is the curtain should be with the overall style of the bedroom match...[More]
  • American scholars found that: bright and clear colors can be transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain cells, which is conducive to promoting human mental development...[More]
  • There is a balcony at home is a very good place to relax, where a sofa, lying on top of the tea and friends chatting is also a good choice...[More]
  • Fast-paced era more and more people are pursuing minimalist life, as well as home improvement Kitchen as a very important part of family life...[More]
  • With the improvement of the level of modernization, the study has also become a place where many people study and work So...[More]
  • Blue, is a kind of reverie color The traditional blue often becomes the embodiment of tropical design of modern decorative design ...[More]
  • Living room should use square lamps, "square " represents the integrity, prudence People can say the best square impression, and from the visual point of view, square gives the impression is also very good ...[More]
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    Budget quotation for decoration 65755 element
  • Material cost : 45201
  • Labor cost : 13133
  • Design fee : 3665
  • Quality testing fee : 3756
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