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    Tatami design in the cubicle

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     Because at the same time with the bed, sofa, carpet and other features and loved by the people. 80,90 gradually become the main force of society after the era of tatami is their favorite, many people began to install at home and even the bedroom tatami bed. The face of rising prices, 8 ㎡ or even 6 ㎡ bedroom abound, this time, in the bedroom fitted with tatami is a very good choice. Let's take a look at how to design the tatami cubicle.
     Take a look at some of the pre-tatami design considerations
     Tatami bedroom can have multiple locations, but generally better north-south. Tatami area varies in size, according to the bedroom area for decoration. Do not face the bed with the door, it will affect the Feng Shui, and activities are not convenient. The side of the tatami is next to the wall, which makes the space appear more spacious. These simple decoration methods have played a very important role.
     Pay attention to style
     Japanese style is nowadays many people like the style, but we search tatami decoration picture will find that tatami color is very much, with tatami own color is the wall, floor and other colors. Some like to use some landscape painting to decorate, feel that this decoration to be elegant and many. Some people like to use modern strong curtains, sheets and other decoration, so there is indeed a modern feel.
     High-quality tatami must be able to bring a higher quality of enjoyment. Good tatami can be used for many years, if the decoration does not grasp the quality, the end result is a lot of tatami decoration quality, living in such a bedroom will not have any good enjoyment.
     After understanding the precautions for tatami design, let's look at how to design tatami tatami in a small bedroom.
     Tatami corner layout for the requirements for leisure is not too high, but hope that rooms and study can be combined to meet the needs of some families to accommodate storage. The advantage of this layout is that it leaves a very spacious place to give room a sense of openness, and tatami can be used directly as a bed and lounge sofa, high utilization.
     Advantages: If the floor is low and in the wet south, then the tatami is also the most practical, it can also be free from moisture, water vapor blocking role. Tatami stay out of the side, made of drawers, place some commonly used items.
     Half-timbered layout
     If the layout of the tatami in the half-house, then the tatami can be used as sleep, leisure, storage area, while the following can be used as a work area, work, leisure can coexist in a room without disturbing each other, but also make the best use of circumstances to create an atmosphere, Create a multi-purpose room. Therefore, not only for the requirements of accommodating small units, many good economic conditions and relatively large housing area families like to set up different shapes in the indoor platform to meet the beautiful and practical needs.

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