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    Cleverly designed bathroom, double the space!

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     When moving a new home, I think my family's bathroom is the most clean and tidy, and vowed to maintain the status quo. In fact, less than a week's time, the bathroom became the most chaotic place in the house. Toilets were filled with cosmetics and sundries. The towel rack was never hanging enough. The bathroom space became smaller and smaller, leaving only the foot ... Today, furniture fans give you a trick, so that when you use a bathroom two.
     If your home is a storage cabinet mirror, it is best, both as a mirror, but also invisible storage space. Cabinets storage space is considerable, something messy pile is not afraid, just cleverly cover the mirror friends.
     Under the wash table space, and ultimately, all kinds of woven baskets and woven baskets, towels used to install the towel is appropriate.
     Storage mirror
     Remodeled waste cans bottles, installed on the wall can be used to store cotton, cotton swabs and other sundries, daily makeup no longer have to find things in the rush of friends.
     Canned bottle storage
     If you want to pile up too many things, multi-storey shelves must be the most clever choice, vertical display items are not messy friends.
     Towels storage
     In fact, there are many ways to store towels, such as you can roll up on the iron stand.
     Towel storage - enamel cup
     Cake boxes and used enamel cups can also be used to hold towels. In fact, as long as they are fixed on the wall, is the best towel storage rack.
     Towel storage - wine barrel
     Red wine with a wooden box, slightly modified look, re-painted on the favorite color, you can make a racks, not only can put a towel, you can also accommodate all kinds of toiletries.
     Cosmetic storage
     In the bathroom wall mounted a set of simple cabinets, all kinds of beauty tools, skin care products can neatly placed it, but also play a decorative wall effect.
     Cosmetic storage
     Put your cosmetics into a "decorative painting" hanging on the wall, in fact, not as complicated as you think, just the background of the frame replaced by iron, and then installed in your eye shadow box and box A small magnet, they can be adsorbed in the picture box.
     Cosmetic storage - decorative wall
     A variety of skin care products used in bathing can also be hung on the shower curtain rod to hang a few small iron hook on the line. It saves space and is more convenient to use.

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