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    Rural kitchen design skills

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     Kitchen is an important room for interior decoration, decoration of the kitchen layout will affect our balance of cooking four cooking mood, even in rural areas is no exception, then what are the rural kitchen design techniques, rural kitchen layout should pay attention to what it, Below this article will introduce to you next.
     Rural kitchen design skills one
     Often the rural kitchens are on the first floor of the house, so it is better for us to set the kitchens to the north or west, but there are also people who design their kitchens to the south, usually without proper planning, The house can only be laid out like this.
     Rural kitchen design skills two
     In the rural kitchen design, it is best to the kitchen door and dining room door set for the same direction, it will make our life easier and easier, and we can choose to use tempered glass sliding door as the kitchen door, not only very beautiful , And at the same time make the kitchen have plenty of daylight. In addition, if the conditions permit, a small balcony can be designed outside the kitchen, and some common food can be processed on the balcony to make the kitchen space more tidy .
     Rural kitchen design skills three
     Because rural families usually have a large population, many people use homemade stoves in their homes to cook rice. Cooking can not only satisfy people's needs but also make the dishes more delicious. Therefore, when we renovated rural kitchen stoves , We must consider placing wood fire place, while the kitchen floor elevation than other ground needs 3 to 5 cm or so.
     Rural kitchen design skills four
     Rural kitchen is usually more space, in addition to need to do the pot, the best can also be designed in the kitchen liquefied petroleum gas stoves and sinks, so that we can become more convenient daily cooking, more conducive to the family banquet.
     Rural kitchen layout considerations
     1, the kitchen stove can not be in front of the design of the door, otherwise it will lead to feng shui body illnesses, gastrointestinal problems, not rich, migraine.
     2, the kitchen stove can not be right in front of the refrigerator and bedroom door, on the feng shui will cause people temper, nerve-sensitive and other symptoms.
     3, the kitchen can not be located between the bedroom, if the kitchen is set between the two bedrooms, guilty of taboo. On the living on both sides of the bedroom unfavorable adverse factors.
     4, avoid washing clothes in the kitchen, and some people will put the washing machine in the kitchen, which is not good, because the ancients to the kitchen as the kitchen where the stove is very sacred, clean the dirty clothes, will Affect luck.

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