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    Home decoration kitchen method

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     Kitchen this functional space, we should pay attention to functional decoration in the decoration, a warm and comfortable kitchen, not only visually clean and fresh, colleagues have to have a comfortable and convenient operation center for the job, for some pursuit of quality of life owners, there Interest in the space atmosphere, but also to facilitate the exchange between family members. Today, Xiaobian bring you the knowledge of the home improvement kitchen method, and I hope everyone through this article to understand, to create a better kitchen space. Well, the owners who want to decorate the kitchen may wish to follow Xiaobian together to see it!
     1, operating platform height:
     The height of the kitchen platform plays a decisive role in preventing fatigue and turning around flexibly. If the song in the kitchen space for a long time 20 degrees forward, then the body will have a great load on the waist, waist long injury over time. Therefore, the height of the design platform, must be based on their height to decide.
     Home decoration method
     2, make full use of effective space:
     The gap between the cabinet and the operating platform can be fully utilized, you can choose to take some of the kitchen utensils needed for cooking, if necessary, can also be used as a simple shutter to avoid dust falling small appliances. Such as: toaster and so on.
     3, the layout of the kitchen cabinets:
     1) kitchen decoration must be thoughtful, especially the relatively small-sized kitchen space, decoration, it is necessary to save space, but also distribution is reasonable and convenient operation.
     2) There are a lot of stress on the decoration of the kitchen. The most basic concept is the "triangular working space". Therefore, the vegetable pool, the refrigerator and the cooking hob are all placed in proper positions, and the most ideal position is a triangle. Pay attention to the distance Should not exceed one meter. Cabinets layout type:
     ① a font.
     ② corridor type.
     ③ L-type.
     ④ U-type.
     ⑤ island type.
     4, embedded in the kitchen cabinet electrical equipment:
     Now the size of the kitchen area is relatively modest, more and more diverse kitchen appliances, with the kitchen appliances into the kitchen after a lot of convenience. According to each individual needs, the refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, etc. arranged in the appropriate position in the kitchen cabinet, in order to facilitate the opening, use.
     5, the best kitchen cabinet made of drawers:
     Push and pull so easy to take place, the visual is better. The cabinet is generally made of 30 to 4Ocm wide multi-layer lattice, made of the door off, or folding sliding door form.
     6, the kitchen lighting layout:
     1) The lighting in the kitchen needs to be divided into two levels, one is the lighting of the whole kitchen and the other is the lighting of washing, preparation and operation.
     2) Washing the lighting in the operating area, the local lighting is usually arranged in the lower part of the cabinet, and the convenient switchgear is provided. Nowadays some well-performing range hoods are usually equipped with lighting and sufficient cooking lighting.

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