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    Renovated house how long it takes to live

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     Speaking of house acceptance, I believe for many newly renovated friends will encounter this problem, then the new house in the decoration after the acceptance to pay attention to what? After the renovation of the house there will be a lot of harmful substances, renovated after how long stay? Let's take a look at it
    The decoration of a good house acceptance should pay attention to what:
     1, floor tiles
     Check the appearance of the floor to see if there is color appearance, if there is cracked floor tiles, as well as cracks in the floor at the caulk to see if there is full.
     2, baseboard
    If the interior is to do the wall baseboard, then it must ask the baseboard flush with the wall. Can not have uneven phenomenon.
     3, the wall flatness
     Wall flatness is very important for housing, not only affect the appearance, but also reflect the problem of the wall structure, the acceptance of the proposed vertical ruler to measure the verticality and the level of the wall surface to detect the pointer , The average general wall plaster displacement value of 4mm, brick surface deviation of 2mm.
     4, doors and windows
     Check the door and window frame and the wall seams are close, it is recommended to use a combination of mirrors and telescopic tube to check to see if there are cracks in the appearance of windows and doors, deformation, color uneven, etc. useful to touch the surface of the door feel glitch, doors and windows The seal should be in contact with the glass notch should be smooth, can not curl, off the groove and so on.
     5, electric box inspection
     You can look at the electrical box and the switch box is installed properly, firmly, look under the box surface is clean, with or without scratches and wear, open the electrical box door, continuous play more times, look flexible, in the power Case, turn off the main switch box, and then shake all kinds of electrical appliances, to see if there is loose, falling situation. Finally, control the design of the house drawings and electrical layout, check the location of the electrical is accurate.
     How long a renovated house can live:
     1, the new home decoration for conditional, do not worry about the arrival of the user, of course, the later moved into the better, after six months the best, of course, just pregnant and anxious to move a new home friend, at least until 3 months later , Because the first three months of baby instability, coupled with interior decoration materials containing formaldehyde, but also adults and children are not good, three months after the move to move to a new home proposal to open the window ventilation, put some more plants.
     2, the new house renovated, if a friend of the baby is recommended to stay better after six months, after renovations to do a good job of ventilation, doors and windows have to open, put more green plants, conditional friends can buy Taiwan air purifier.

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