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  • Now every household in each house will have a balcony, it is usually the place for people to dry clothes, but the balcony also has many features...[More]
  • Speaking of house acceptance, I believe for many newly renovated friends will encounter this problem, then the new house in the decoration after the acceptance to pay attention to what...[More]
  • Kitchen is an important room for interior decoration, decoration of the kitchen layout will affect our balance of cooking four cooking mood, even in rural areas is no exception...[More]
  • Marriage is a lifetime event, marriage, including the size of things, including the decoration of the wedding room is also very important for the newcomers...[More]
  • Kitchen this functional space, we should pay attention to functional decoration in the decoration, a warm and comfortable kitchen, not only visually clean and fresh...[More]
  • In home design, some people like living room bigger and better, even at the expense of bedroom space However...[More]
  • When moving a new home, I think my family s bathroom is the most clean and tidy, and vowed to maintain the status quo In fact, less than a week s time...[More]
  • Because at the same time with the bed, sofa, carpet and other features and loved by the people 80,90 gradually become the main force of society after the era of tatami is their favorite...[More]
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  • Quality testing fee : 3756
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