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    National uniform standards, no push!
    He Mei after-sales warranty is more transparent and secure.
    Warranty and duration
    Waterway, Circuit, Bricklayer, Oilman, Carpentry, etc.
    2 years
    Bathroom Waterproofing
    5 years
    Since the purchase of lamps, ware, hangers and other basic installation
    5 years
    Main Material
    2 years
    1 due to improper use of the user, or due to force majeure cause damage to the product, not in the scope of free maintenance (charge standards by the responsible professional maintenance staff to provide customers).
    2. Consumables (such as fluorescent bulbs, batteries) are not covered by the warranty.

    Basic construction Frequently Asked Questions Resolve time limit Remarks
    valve leaking, leaking water pipes or no water, after completion of 15 days of water is not smooth, indoor balcony leakage
    2 days to respond, 3 days to actually solve
    Charges for damage due to improper use;

    Due to increase and change in electricity consumption and electrical quality, lightning and other short-circuit trips caused by the charge;

    Due to cracks in the structure of the housing charge;

    Wall cracks caused by thermal expansion and contraction of housing structures are not covered by the warranty.
    trip line is empty, the outlet is not powered at the beginning
    2 days to respond, 7 days to actually solve
    Cracking tiles, floor tiles hollowing, hollowing out tiles, grouting agent off,
    2 days to respond, 7 days to actually solve
    Wall Cracking
    2 days to respond, 7 days to actually solve
    Ceiling Cracking
    2 days to respond, 7 days to actually solve
    In addition to the above basic construction, the basic installation, ceramic tiles, Lvkou Ban, Yuba, cabinets, smoke stoves, interior wood, flooring, sanitary ware are equipped with a series of detailed and detailed after-sales service.
    For details, please contact customer service after sales: + 86-769-85498566.
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