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    What are the ceiling installation methods

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     Many people use ceiling lamps when decorating a new home. The exquisite ceiling lamps not only bring people the beauty and enjoyment, but also they are affordable, which can save a lot of decoration costs for everyone. Ceiling lights need to be installed before they can be used, which involves an installation problem. What are the installation methods of ceiling lamps? Ceiling installation precautions what? The following Xiaobian will share with you all these questions and look forward to helping those in need.
     Ceiling installation methods which one
     Normally everyone will ask the electrician to help install the lights. In fact ceiling installation is not so difficult, we can also learn one of the methods by learning. Everyone in the installation, you need to remove the ceiling of the mask, while the lamp inside the lamp is removed, to prevent the installation process accidentally broken mask or lamp. If you are the lamp installation of wooden ceiling, gypsum board, etc. is not very hard, and self-tapping screws can screw place, ceiling installation steps are as follows:
     1. Insert the reserved wire into the hole in the base.
     2. Hold the base of the lamp with one hand and press it in the desired position.
     3. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw into one of the spaces, but do not twist it.
     4. After fixing a screw, please re-check the installation position and adjust it properly.
     5. After the ok, please screw the remaining screws.
     6. Finally, the power cord access lamp fixture.
     7. Install the lamp and mask can be.
     Ceiling installation method which two
     Everyone's home top decoration is different, so there are some differences in the way ceiling mounted. If your home is the top is a concrete or hard material, you can not use the above method. Because self-tapping screws simply can not screw in, then you need to drill with expansion screws installed. Ceiling installation steps are as follows:
     1. First choose the location to be installed, and by hand to hold the chassis pressed on the wall.
     2. Then use a pencil to insert the screw hole and draw the location of the screw.
     3. The base aside, with a hand drill (impact drill) in the pencil mark the location of drilling, installation of lighting holes do not fight too much, the general on the 6th bit is enough.
     4. After the holes are laid, push the plastic expansion tube into the hole. You can not use the wedge, because the wedge is too unstable and the time is too long to decay.
     5. Then insert the reserved wire through the wire hole and place the base in the previous position with the screw holes aligned. Use a screwdriver to screw the screw into the plug or plastic expansion tube.
     6. Finally, install the lamp and mask can be.
     Ceiling installation precautions are there
     In addition to master the installation of ceiling lamps, but also pay attention to some issues, so as to ensure the safety of personnel, the specific notes are as follows:
     1. Everyone in the installation of lamps and lanterns, should test whether the power in the home is off, or need to install the place reserved for the wire is no electricity! Otherwise there is life safety! Recommended the best professional electrician to install for you!
     2. Ceiling lamp power into the line connecting the two threads, the electrical contact should be good, but also with vinyl tape wrapped, and to maintain a certain distance, if possible, try not to put the two heads under the same piece of metal, To avoid short circuit, dangerous.
     3. If the ceiling lamp is used in the screw head, the wiring should pay attention to the following two points: ① phase should be connected to the center of the contact on the terminal, the zero line should be connected to the screw terminals; ② lamp insulation The housing should not be damaged and leakage, in case of electric shock when replacing the lamp.
     4. We do not install the ceiling lamp on combustible objects, and some families in order to look beautiful with paint after the plywood lined behind the ceiling lamp, in fact, this is very dangerous, you must take insulation measures; If the lamp surface high temperature parts Near flammable materials, but also to take insulation or cooling measures.

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