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    How to choose sofa solid wood sofa and fabric sofa which is good

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     Sofa is a living room, bedroom, study and other places of a kind of furniture, it gives the comfort of living room space, providing people with rest. However, there are many types of sofas, such as cortical sofas, lazy couches, solid wood sofas and cloth sofas. Among them, the solid wood sofa and fabric sofa are the more popular two kinds of sofa, many owners do not know the real wood friends sofa and fabric sofa which is good, how to choose the sofa into a dilemma. Xiaobian following one by one for your answer.
     Modern Chinese living room solid wood sofa
     Solid wood sofa advantages:
     1. Has a good environmental protection. Wood sofa with wood materials, processing additives used in the less, reducing the production of toxic substances. Is a green furniture.
     2 has good dirt resistance. Solid wood sofa stained stains easier to clean.
     3 has good wear resistance. Solid wood sofa hard material, more durable, long life cycle.
     4 has a good decorative effect. Wood sofa, wooden luster, texture, a simple, elegant, atmospheric sense, can greatly enhance the level of bedroom space.
     Solid wood sofa Disadvantages:
     Hard material Solid wood sofa material more durable advantages, but it is also a disadvantage. Hard wood sofa comfort is not good, not suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and other uses. And solid wood sofa is relatively cold, cold in winter use.
     2 high prices. Solid wood sofa raw materials used a scarce forest resources, so the price is relatively high.
     3. Maintenance trouble. Solid wood sofa in high humidity, high temperature, light and other environments prone to deformation, moisture, mold, cracking and other issues, its maintenance is more troublesome.
     Fabric sofa advantages:
     1. Has a good softness. Fabric sofa is a soft sofa, will be more warm in winter, its comfort better than solid wood sofa.
     2. Diverse styles. Fabric sofa material has a variety of colors, patterns, and have different shapes, according to the bedroom style, layout, structure and other aspects to choose, to meet the owners of a variety of requirements.
     3. Affordable. Cloth sofa using raw materials is not expensive, so the overall price is not high, in line with the concept of consumption of all households.
     Fabric sofa Disadvantages:
     Not dirty. Although some fabric sofa cloth cover can be removed for cleaning, but difficult to remove the stain will be significantly attached to the above, frequent cleaning easily lead to fading problems.
    2 framework is not strong. Although the fabric sofa is relatively soft, but the inherent structure is prone to deformation, shortening the life cycle. Some fabric sofa internal framework is empty shelf, poor pressure capacity.
     How to choose the sofa, mainly depends on whether you like solid wood sofa or cloth sofa, and then according to their own preferences, in accordance with the performance and characteristics of the sofa to choose from, so you can choose a lot easier, and hope Xiaobian finishing to your help.

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