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    Analysis of why the preference for furniture style pear?

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     Before the Ming Dynasty, Huanghua pear mainly as a medicinal, among many pharmacopoeias, such as "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Herbal Supplements", there are records of pear. Its main feature is to dehumidify, some people say that it also has antihypertensive effects of disinfection, swelling, blood pressure, eyesight pure heart, Tongqiao and other functions, has been the history of such use, and documented. Some people are now speculating on the medicinal value of Huanghua Pear and exaggerating the role of Huanghua Pear. Others say Huanan Pear is soothing, while others say that Huanghua Pear can improve sexual desire, and so on.
    Huanghua pear cluster three curved legs six-post rack bed
     From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Huanghua pear and China's furniture production combined with Ming-style furniture produced art. Why use pear, there are several main reasons:
    The first reason is that the Ming Dynasty was the last Han dynasty in the history of feudal China. Farming civilization is the easiest color to worship the sun and the land because it is the color most representative of the harvest. The yellow-red of the pear is just what we Chinese happily love.
     The second reason, advocating the Ming Dynasty fire, like the Qing Dynasty Shang Shui, Chong water, the main black water, fire red. Ming emperor Zhu, Zhu also fire, red. Therefore, the Five Elements is still the Ming Dynasty fire, love pear, like this red-yellow wood.
     Another reason is that the natural texture of pear, deep literati aesthetic taste. Huanghua pear pattern, color, oil, texture, etc., making it minimalist furniture is the most suitable match with wood, so far have not found any other kind of wood can and simple minimalist style furniture so Complement each other's effects. Huanghua pear material charm, making it from the late Ming Dynasty hundreds of years until today, by generations of scholars, collectors unanimously respected.

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