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    Up knowledge! American furniture production process is the original

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     American furniture production process is more complicated, in the white stage made of wood, followed the traditional Chinese furniture production methods, its shape, texture, carving and delicate color noble, the structure of the whole structure, drawer slide, the use of the central slide Road, very close to nature; American coating for domestic furniture manufacturers, is a new topic, the technical content is very high, to open up the US furniture market, to master the American furniture production process is a crucial step.
     American furniture with particular emphasis on comfort, style, practicality and versatility. From the modeling point of view, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, neoclassical and country style.
     American furniture is based on the lifestyle of immigrants from all over the country in the late Renaissance of Europe. As can be seen from the many classic pieces of furniture handed down from the 18th and 19th centuries, the elegantly finished furniture is the epitome of classic American furniture due to the pioneering spirit of the early American people and the principle of nature. Such as the Queen Anne of CabrioI Leg, the chair of furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, the beautiful lines of the 18th century American native designer John Godderd, Until today still occupy a certain amount of American furniture.
     Neo-classical style:
     In the process of innovation of classical furniture designers came into being. Designers will be the classical style and the unique style of the individual and the combination of modern spirit, so that the classical furniture showed a colorful face, as the main features of the neo-classical style.
     Country style:
     Has always occupied an important position in American furniture. Because of its simple, bright and practical style, it has long been loved by consumers in various countries. As a whole, American furniture conveys a simple, casual, organized and multi-functional design concept, which makes the family become the pure land releasing stress and liberating the soul.

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