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  • Children s growth is the most concerned about every parent s problem, in order to give children a good environment for growth, many parents will give children layout of a children s room...[More]
  • Sofa is a living room, bedroom, study and other places of a kind of furniture, it gives the comfort of living room space, providing people with rest However, there are many types of sofas, such as cortical sofas...[More]
  • Many people use ceiling lamps when decorating a new home The exquisite ceiling lamps not only bring people the beauty and enjoyment, but also they are affordable...[More]
  • Different lamps will have different lighting and decorative effects, then we need to buy the appropriate selection of lighting skills, such as: attention to the quality of lamps and lanterns...[More]
  • Renovation is a hard work, busy after the renovation will have to set up furniture, furniture and people s daily lives are closely related to the quality of furniture affects people s quality of life and health...[More]
  •  Before the Ming Dynasty, Huanghua pear mainly as a medicinal, among many pharmacopoeias, such as "Compendium of Materia Medica ", "Herbal Supplements ", there are records of pear ...[More]
  • Mahogany furniture with its practicality, artistic, value-added (hedge) sex, inheritance and environmental protection and other characteristics of more and more people s attention and love ...[More]
  • American furniture production process is more complicated, in the white stage made of wood, followed the traditional Chinese furniture production methods, its shape...[More]
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