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    Floor tile gap with what to fill the tile slit how to deal with more beautiful

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     Tile pavement is a very important part of home improvement, often beautiful and prevent the expansion and contraction of the tile, will give the tile to reserve sliver treatment, but these slippage is not beautiful, then fill the gap with the floor tiles ? How to deal with the fine cracks in the tile? Then Xiaobian next to ask you to explain it!
     Floor tile gap filled with what? In the choice of floor tile filling materials, we must first understand the tile is affixed to what material, such as throwing brick, polished brick, ceramic stone, etc., usually ordinary tiles will be reserved 1-1.5mm fine However, the microcrystalline stone or trowel will reserve 2-3 mm slits, so the suture fill material they selected earlier will vary.
     However, there is a new type of material available in the market that can be used to fill the sill of a floor tile well. The variety can be chosen as appropriate and can be selected according to different tile flooring. Simple construction, the product is not moldy, black and so on, but also very good care.
     How to deal with brick slit more beautiful
     Caulk details determine the perfect degree of tiles, throughout the year, the seasons and the timing of the tile caulk also pay attention to, caulking materials, caulking operation of these methods can not be ignored.
     1. Pick a good time filling
     Some professionals said that to handle the beautiful ceramic tile slit, the best time to shop tiles 24 hours after the construction can be carried out. Because the tile shop more than 24 hours after the tile glue or cement mortar will be dry, so that tiles will not move. If too early to carry on the tile slit processing, will lead to the need to rework, construction is also easy to dirty, not easy to clean.
     2. Choose a caulking material
     White cement, putty powder, caulking agent, the United States sealant are commonly used caulking materials, including white cement, putty powder is a traditional material, the performance is flawed, the use of a period of time there will be shedding, leakage Slit occurs, and poor water resistance, will be black, moldy. Therefore, we recommend that you can use caulk material for processing, not only good adhesion, high wear resistance after drying, good strength, and low water absorption, not easy to damp and adsorption of dirt.
     3. Caulk technology superb
     In terms of craftsmanship, each has its own caulking skill. In general, small ceramic tile slits can be filled without being filled, while cultural bricks or antique tiles must be filled with slits. Filling also need to be careful not to fill the edge of the brick body together, otherwise it will affect the overall effect. Due to the high cost of caulking agents, the larger outdoor balconies can be replaced with cement mortar.

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