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    Bamboo flooring is good, the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring

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     Bamboo flooring is made of natural high-quality bamboo, bamboo flooring, high density, good toughness, strength, mold, moth, flame retardant, anti-static, no side effects, warm in winter and cool in summer, can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature, , Good stability, cheap, easy to install, but compared with the solid wood floor shrinkage and expansion of small, but also with the climate changes in humidity and deformation, a single type of style, style and characteristics of less. Bamboo flooring is now one of the most widely used types of flooring in the floor, we understand it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring? Here we come to a brief introduction.
     Bamboo flooring is a new type of architectural decoration material, which uses natural high-quality bamboo as raw material. After more than 20 steps, the bamboo puree juice is stripped off, pressed under high temperature and high pressure, then through multiple layers of paint and finally dried by infrared rays . Bamboo flooring with its natural advantages and the molding after the many excellent properties to the building materials market brings a fresh green wind. Bamboo bamboo flooring with natural texture, fresh and elegant, giving a return to nature, elegant and refined feeling. It has many characteristics, the first bamboo flooring to bamboo, with the original characteristics of wood, and bamboo in the processing, the use of high quality plastic species in line with national standards to avoid formaldehyde and other substances on the human body hazards, as well as bamboo flooring The use of advanced equipment and technology, through the original bamboo processing 26 processes, as well as the natural beauty of the original wooden flooring and ceramic floor rugged durable.
     Bamboo flooring advantages:
     1, Bamboo flooring, high density, good toughness, strength, durable, not easy to deformation, smooth texture, soft color, elegant, generous green products.
     2, anti-mildew, Fang Zhu, flame retardant, anti-static, no side effects and easy installation, is recognized as the decorative materials of the new century.
     3, beautiful bamboo texture, color, elegant, soft warm, fragrant smell, can absorb ultraviolet light, beneficial to people's vision.
     4, bamboo flooring warm in winter and cool in summer, can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature, its own not cool, heat conductivity is low, living for a long time, can reduce the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, heart disease.
     5, bamboo floor color is small, divided into two kinds of natural colors and artificial paint. Colored wooden floor with uniform color of bamboo, bright and lively, artificial painted bamboo flooring bamboo is not obvious. Bamboo flooring surface treatment are mostly used varnish, varnish, matte paint, bamboo flooring can be as much as possible to maintain the bamboo pattern.
     6, good stability of bamboo flooring. It is targeted for different climate control around the climate, so the cracking rate of deformation is much smaller than the solid wood floor. Bamboo fiber with bamboo flooring is hollow brick-like arrangement, tensile strength and compressive strength have been greatly enhanced.
     7, the price is cheap. Relative to the solid wood flooring, the general price of bamboo flooring should be cheaper than the price of solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring prices are generally 110-150 yuan / square meter, while the wood floor is more expensive.
     8, easy to install. Bamboo flooring installation is relatively simple, one-step place, do not paint, save time and labor, not polluting the indoor environment; the other can not keel, direct pavement, effectively retaining the interior space.
     Bamboo flooring disadvantages:
     1, compared to bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring, shrinkage and expansion of small. In durability, the bamboo floor is also slightly weak, prone to stratification by the sun or water wet, what is more, will borers, seriously affecting their service life.
     2, although the bamboo flooring after drying, the bamboo is a natural profile, so it will change with the climate changes in humidity.
     3, bamboo flooring Bamboo is used as a single species, mostly the same color, making it a single type of bamboo flooring, style features less.
     Bamboo flooring looks good, colorful texture has its unique visual effects, if you really like bamboo flooring can also boldly choose to buy, read the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring, I believe we are good for the bamboo flooring also has some judgments . If you want to extend the life of the bamboo floor must be well maintained, so that the indoor humidity to maintain a reasonable range yet.

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