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  • Floor decoration is also an integral part of the decoration, if you like the more textured floor materials, then none other than the non-wood floor Wood flooring is not only beautiful...[More]
  • Bamboo flooring is made of natural high-quality bamboo, bamboo flooring, high density, good toughness, strength, mold, moth, flame retardant, anti-static, no side effects...[More]
  • Children s room is the focus of attention of parents where many parents want children to create a comfortable children s room, but we not only look good warm...[More]
  • Tile pavement is a very important part of home improvement, often beautiful and prevent the expansion and contraction of the tile, will give the tile to reserve sliver treatment...[More]
  • A lot of decoration rookie there will be some doubts, such as: the new house decoration is the first wallpaper or the first floor of the floor? If the first wallpaper in the shop floor...[More]
  • Wall materials commonly used in latex paint, wallpaper, brick, paint, decorative panels, wall coverings, wall mat and so on ...[More]
  • Floor materials are generally: solid wood flooring, wood flooring, natural stone, artificial stone floor tiles, textile products made of the carpet, artificial products floor (plastic) ...[More]
  • Common ceiling materials are: wooden plywood, gypsum plaster board, decorative gypsum board, plastic gusset plate, drilling gusset plate and plastic organic light plate ...[More]
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  • Material cost : 45201
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  • Design fee : 3665
  • Quality testing fee : 3756
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