Best Hiking Shoes

For those in love with nature and are always looking forward to exploring fantastic outdoor locations, owning at least a pair of comfortable hiking shoes is something that cannot be ignored. The three key factors that are likely to play part in the type of hiking shoes that you choose revolve around the terrain, distance and pack weight. Whether you are into winter hunting, mountain climbing or trudging through a muddy rain forest, there is the ultimate need to choose the right kind of hiking shoes that will not only withstand the intense and adverse condition, but also properly fit and keep your fit happy. Here are some of the best hiking shoes that are perfectly suited for the comprehensive conditions that are the nature of hiking.


Merrell Moab Ventilator Multisport Shoe


This amazing shoe is widely popular with hikers who prefer short hiking and backpacking trips, especially during the day. They are definitely lightweight, comfortable and take the term breath-ability to a whole new level. They are well-ventilated and are perfect for nice and dry creek crossing.


Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX Backpacking Boots


They are not only the epitome of aggressiveness, but also the best in comfort, durability and waterproofing. They can have a gripping effect on any surface and are best suitable for trail runners. The 4D adjustable lacing that have lock cleats up to the ankle means that they can withstand any tension that the body might bring to the feet.


Asolo Men’s TPS 520 GV Boot


This is arguably the most comfortable leather boots that you will ever see. It is not only the most comfortable hiking shoes in the market, but also an excellent waterproofing that ensures durability. The lacing system of this shoe will keep your feet firm and away from unwanted slides, especially when taking long and deep descents.


Timberland Chocorua Trail Gore


This shoe is built for wet and rugged conditions. They are arguably the best hiking shoes in the market as they combine all the amazing features that form part of all other hiking shoes. They boast an out-of-the-world durability, comfort, ventilation, as well as great support.


These amazing shoes can handle almost anything that they are exposed to while still ensuring your safety and utmost comfort in any hiking terrain. To view other hiking shoes, go to